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Focus on communicationwhen building new, maintaining current, and restoring love-centered relationships.

♡ TIP 4:  Focusing on Communication is the best way to remove "Love-Stoppers".  Communication is the central skill needed to build, maintain, and restore healthy, satisfying, and lasting relationships centered in "loving and being loved".  Removing barriers to communication - "Love Stoppers" - is important to your goal of better "loving and being loved".  Here are some proven ideas and strategies you may want to try for improving your "loving and being loved" through removing barriers.

  • Remove BARRIERS to Listening: 
    • Stop "hurrying", and understand their whole story.
    • Listen without judgment to their whole person (their thoughts, their words, their expressions, their actions, etc.).
    • Be willing to understand and respect their beliefs, actions, and perceptions, even if you cannot agree with them.
    • Take the time to completely listen to them.
  • Remove BARRIERS to Observing: 
    • Separate their "needs" from their wants.
    • Meet their needs first and often their wants will be included or lose importance. 
  • Remove BARRIERS to Verifying: 
    • Be willing to "do nothing or everything".
    • Respect boundaries, and remember that true love is sometimes painful, messy, and totally committed to doing what is the best.
  • Remove BARRIERS to Engaging: 
    • Get rid of "expectations" as to timing, outcomes, etc..
    • Practice loving "unconditionally" with no anticipations of what the response may be.
    • Choose to love regardless of their choices.  Being loved or loving may not be their choice at the moment.
  • Remove Other BARRIERS: 
    • You are not approaching love "holistically".
    • Consider their whole person, the mental, physical, social, and spiritual dimentions of your relationships when communicating love.



Removing BARRIERS toLove should actively consider all the 4 L.O.V.E. process steps.

♡ CAUTION:  Love is not dependent upon successful communication - you can choose to love someone you cannot communicate with, regardless of the reasons communication fails.  True love never gives up... giving up is the ultimate "Love Stopper".

√√ Double-Check:  If you are not communicating, love will be more difficult to express and recieve.


Application Examples: (Share your life-application examples with us by using the Contact Form.)

  • Removing BARRIERS at Work:  Are expectations in writing?  Do you have regular "talk" times?
  • Removing BARRIERS to Family:  Is everyone included in your planning times?  Are you showing "tough love"?
  • Removing BARRIERS at School:  Do you ask enough questions?  Do you understand your professor/teacher's requirements?
  • Removing BARRIERS to Friends:  Do you show a willingness to serve their needs?  Do you respect confidences?
  • Removing BARRIERS to Yourself:  Are you willing to get help when needed?  Do you continually learn more about  your real self?


Loving often takes hard work and persistence. 

Is something still not working? 

Need new ideas or help?

For example, you want to use the formula to L.O.V.E. someone, but they are not wanting to be loved or love in return. 

Use the "Contact Us" menu to get HELP or more information, or check the "Friends" menu for helpful links.

You can use TIP 4 when you have trouble communicating, building better relationships, etc. with your boyfriend, girlfriend, family, mother, father, mom, dad, sister, brother, teenager, peer, sibling, parent, boss, coworker, employee, pastor, neighbor, friend, enemy, partner, significant other, yourself, God, your Creator, when rejected, when you feel hopeless, confused, denied, rejected, lost, stuck, confused, defeated, mistreated, misunderstood, angry, depressed, lost, or any other way and want ideas to do something positive, constructive, healing, helpful, restorative (restore or restoring), and or hopeful. When you have feelings of fighting, feeling lonely, considering retribution, getting even, being harmful, mean, ending communication, leaving a relationship, seeking revenge, harming, or other dysfunctional ideas, review the tips for help, and then consider getting counsel or other resources to help you in "loving and being loved".

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