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H247 ICON BUTTON 331. Want to learn more about "living in the NOW"?  For more information and ideas on "choosing to choose hope", you can check out the friendly site.



TPM Tiles2. Want to learn more about "how you are made in the Image of God"?  For more information and ideas on understanding yourself and others from a "holistic" view of the person, you can check out the friendly 9 Love-Links site, soon to become



3. For more information, Contact:  Dr. Lawrence E. Green at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Inspiration and Source of the L.O.V.E. Formula acrostic:

The spark for this amazing formula came from an article in titled “4 Ways Jesus Modeled Love”, by John Warden. His insights began a study of Christian scripture which verified his insights, and are the underlying truths in this “easy-to-use”, and “highly effective” L.O.V.E. Formula acrostic. It can be read at Enjoy and be blessed.



You can use TIP 4 when you have trouble communicating, building better relationships, etc. with your boyfriend, girlfriend, family, mother, father, mom, dad, sister, brother, teenager, peer, sibling, parent, boss, coworker, employee, pastor, neighbor, friend, enemy, partner, significant other, yourself, God, your Creator, when rejected, when you feel hopeless, confused, denied, rejected, lost, stuck, confused, defeated, mistreated, misunderstood, angry, depressed, lost, or any other way and want ideas to do something positive, constructive, healing, helpful, restorative (restore or restoring), and or hopeful. When you have feelings of fighting, feeling lonely, considering retribution, getting even, being harmful, mean, ending communication, leaving a relationship, seeking revenge, harming, or other dysfunctional ideas, review the tips for help, and then consider getting counsel or other resources to help you in "loving and being loved".

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