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 STEP FOUR in "Building your life around love."

Loving chooses to ENGAGE in positive ways.

VISUAL REMINDER:  Your fourth finger can remind you to ENGAGE.  First finger 4 Engage



Lve fulfills our created purpose … 


Am I purposively choosing to “love”?

Do my actions or inactions bring help or harm? 

Will my actions bring us closer to our created purposes?

Am I committed to following through with unconditional love?


• Applying ENGAGE 24-7 Exercise 

Step  Identify someone that you want to love better. Consider home, work, school, church, community, and any other setting.

Step Rate your performance in how well you ENGAGE. Make notes to support your number.

10 = best (no room for improvement);

0 = poorest (no relationship, and/or not trying);

5 = apathetic (okay, but not intentionally trying to improve)

Step Plan your improvement.   Chart (on paper or a word processor) some choices you can make and/or some actions you can take to improve any step where you may be lacking. If something is not working, return to step LISTENING, as often as needed and for as long as necessary to proceed to steps dealing with OBSERVING and VERIFYING, and then return to ENGAGING.  Your chart might look like this:


Step Share your improvement plan with someone who lovingly "engages" and knows you.  

Start Now!  Use your personal note-taking software, or start taking notes now from one of many free online note-taking websites - several are listed in the "Friends" Menu page.


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