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Focus on verificationwhen restoring broken relationships.


TIP 3- Verification helps you make the best choices whether restoration is possible or not.  Loving is always a choice involving your will.

  • VerifyWill you choose to practice patience, kindness, forgiveness, genuineness, truth, and other foundations of love?
  • VerifyWill you choose to let them decide the timing of the restoration?
  • VerifyWill you choose to involve holistic (mental, physical, social, spiritual) professionals when it will help?
  • VerifyWill you choose to be sure any step 4 (E. - Engagement) is beneficial to both, nor harmful to either, of you?
  • VerifyWill you choose to accept the fact that the final choice for restoring will be theirs, and not yours?
  • VerifyWill you choose to commit to loving (serving) them for the "long-haul" regardless of their choices?
  • VerifyWill you choose to remember that you can still love some who chooses not to restore a relationship?.


Restoring Love should still follow all the 4 L.O.V.E. process steps.

√√ Double-Check:  If you are not verifying, your love may not be unconditional or truly helpful...


Application Examples: (Share your life-application examples with us by using the Contact Form.)  

  • Verifying at Work:  Are you willing you “prioritize” your boss’s needs (or employee’s needs) by what you observe?
  • Verifying with Family:  Are you willing to identify the “important” issues that need to be addressed with your family (over the "urgent")?
  • Verifying at School:   Are you willing to figure out how to balance school demands with life demands?
  • Verifying with Friends:  Are you willing to put your friend’s needs before yours, when helpful?
  • Verifying with Yourself:   Have you discovered, and are you willing to accept, that only you can make healthy choices for yourself?You can use TIP 3 when you have trouble communicating, building better relationships, etc. with your boyfriend, girlfriend, family, mother, father, mom, dad, sister, brother, teenager, peer, sibling, parent, boss, coworker, employee, pastor, neighbor, friend, enemy, partner, significant other, yourself, God, your Creator, when rejected, when you feel hopeless, confused, denied, rejected, lost, stuck, confused, defeated, mistreated, misunderstood, angry, depressed, lost, or any other way and want ideas to do something positive, constructive, healing, helpful, restorative (restore or restoring), and or hopeful. When you have feelings of fighting, feeling lonely, considering retribution, getting even, being harmful, mean, ending communication, leaving a relationship, seeking revenge, harming, or other dysfunctional ideas, review the tips for help, and then consider getting counsel or other resources to help you in "loving and being loved".

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