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Focus on listeningwhen building new relationships.


TIP 1 - Listening helps you get to know their “person” (who they really are):

  • Listen:  To what they do and don’t like (preferences).
  • Listen:  To their joys and challenges.
  • Listen:  To what you share in common.
  • Listen:  To their capacities (strengths and limitations).
  • Listen:  To their story.


Loving someone “new” should still follow all the 4 L.O.V.E. process steps.

√√ Double-Check:  If you are not listening, you are not genuinely loving...


Application Examples: (Share your life-application examples with us by using the Contact Form.)

  • Listening at Work:  What is your boss really saying? What are your employees talking about?
  • Listening to Family:  Listening takes time to live “with” your family, not just “around” them.
  • Listening at School:  Are you catching the details?   Can you use your note-taking skills to remember?
  • Listening to Friends:  Do you listen beyond words to their meanings, feelings, desires, and hopes?
  • Listening to Yourself:  Are you honest when you listen to yourself? Do you genuinely know yourself?

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